In This Corner…

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Outside magazine, December 1995

In This Corner…
By Todd Balf and Paul Kvinta

Score one for the mighty green and golden bell frog. Since 1993, Australian officials have tried to relocate the endangered thimble-size creatures from a trash-filled brick quarry that’s slated to become part of the Olympic site for the 2000 Games. In a nutshell, these frogs like trash, and most didn’t fall for “toad tunnels” that were installed to guide them to nearby ponds
stocked with “designer rubbish.” But last fall, in one of the more awkward compromises in memory, officials decided to embrace the frog as an environmental symbol and keep the brick pit, trash and all, renaming it a “wildlife corridor.” “It will be the centre piece of a new Millennium Park,” a press release exclaimed. Let the Games begin.

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